Bike Servicing & MOT

and motorcycle repairs from our workshop in Rye, East Sussex

We specialise in servicing, repair, MOT testing and tyre replacement on all types of motorcycle – from road bikes to dirt bikes and everything in-between. The RDS team has decades of knowledge of all makes and models of motorcycle. So whether it’s a full sportsbike setup, a first service on your new steed or some friendly advice, we will do our utmost to keep you on the road.

Full Servicing at RDS

Regularly servicing your motorcycle not only prolongs its life but also means your bike will be more efficient and more pleasant to ride.

A full service at RDS will ensure that any mechanical or electrical problems are identified. During our full service, all the vital components are inspected to confirm that they are not only currently fit for purpose but that they’re not likely to fail or malfunction in the near future either!

What does a full motorcycle service at RDS include?

We carry out a 23-point check (including any adjustments) plus a road test before handing your bike back ready for the season’s riding.

Our full service will incorporate the following checks, top-ups and replacements:

Engine Component Checks

  • Oil Change – the grade used will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendation
  • New Oil filter
  • New Air Filter
  • New Spark Plugs
  • Test/replace/top-up Coolant as required

Brake Checks

  • Brake calipers – removed and cleaned
  • Brake pistons – degreased
  • Hydraulic Brake Fluid System – inspected, topped up or replaced as required
  • Control cables, levers and pivots – cleaned and lubricated

Chassis and Other Checks

  • Control cables, levers and pivots (throttle, clutch) – cleaned and lubricated
  • Adjustment of throttle and clutch
  • Battery electrolyte level – checked and topped up as required
  • Steering play and race bearing kit – examined for any looseness and adjusted as necessary
  • Front forks – inspected and checked for operation
  • Rear suspension – inspected and checked for operation
  • All fasteners (including engine mounting and chassis bolts) – inspected and tightened as required
  • Wheel bearings – checked
  • Main and side stands – checked and lubricated
  • Headlight checked for aim and focus – adjusted as required
  • Fuel hoses – checked
  • Tyre pressures – checked and adjusted as necessary
  • Chain – checked, adjusted and lubricated as necessary
  • General lubrication

Road Test

Following a full service we will carry out a road test to ensure your motorbike is running as expected before returning it to you.

What if I don’t want a full service?

If you decide that a full service isn’t required for your bike, we’re happy to tailor the above list and only service the items that you do require.

The workshop at RDS Motorcycles in Rye, East Sussex
RDS Motorcycles Workshop

Fully Insured

No matter how careful people are, accidents can still happen. So, for your peace of mind and protection, we are fully insured against any damage caused to you or your property.

MOT Testing

RDS Motorcycles is an authorised MOT Testing Station. Book your MOT at our Rye workshop and enjoy the ride down to this historic town. Perfect for dropping your bike off and taking the short walk along to Rye Nature Reserve for an explore or to grab a coffee there while you wait for your test result. We’ll be done within about 40mins – just long enough!

Restoration Projects

If you have an old bike gathering dust or one you’ve fully intended to get around to fixing one day, our complete ‘nut and bolt’ restoration package could be for you.

In this package, we work with you to transform that project bike that has been under a tarp for years into the dream bike that you have always pictured in your head. We have access to specialists in every area of restoration – from tuning engines to fibreglass fairing repair. What’s more, we love this side of things and enjoy nothing more than breathing new life into your old machine. Ask us about our Restoration package today!


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